c.a.r.e. team


Our C.A.R.E. TEAM desires to make a lasting impact and welcomes everyone thru four points of contact.


1. We receive the harvest of souls who accepted the invitation as a visitor, for salvation, to rededicate or become a new member.

2) We contact those precious souls that have come with a friendly follow-up call.

3) We invite them to attend our Encounter 101 Class for those interested in getting into Encounter Church a little deeper.

4) Our last follow-up is consummated with a quarterly luncheon for our new members in conjunction with a call from our in-house evangelism to see if you have connected with a group or dream team.


We would love to connect with you so there are no lost sheep.


For more information, contact the Encounter Church offices at 817-885-8506 or email info@encounterchurchfw.org.